Case Study 9

1.)  Register as a new user at Kaboodle (it’s free) and experiment with the social shopping Website. Briefly summarize how easy or difficult it was to join, discover products you were interested in, create a list, use the “Add to Kaboodle” button, and look at similar lists created by other members.


It is easy to register at the Kaboodle site. They ask for some information like your email address, password, username, and birthday. Then the site will lead you directly to some stores that you want to follow but it is optional.


2.)  Based on your experience, what recommendations for improvements or new features do you have?



3.)  Would you expect the number of members in social shopping Web sites to continue to grow over the next few years? Why or why not?


Yes, based on the case study stated above from 2 million unique visitors it exploded to 10 million unique visitors. Therefore it is expected by the following years the visitors and members will grow. For it is convenient to shop and easy to access.


Case Study 8

1.)  Apart from the annual rate of output per worker, what are other ways of measuring labor productivity?


The OECD defines it as “the ratio of a volume measure of output to a volume measure of input”.[1] Volume measures of output are normally gross domestic product (GDP) or gross value added (GVA), expressed at constant prices i.e. adjusted for inflation. The three most commonly used measures of input are:

  1. hours worked;
  2. workforce jobs; and
  3. Number of people in employment.




2.)   What factors determine whether a new information system will increase or decrease labor productivity?


1) Learning time. Will employees understand it immediately, or will it take a long time to learn?


2) Acceptance. Will employees accept it or fight it?


3) Organization of information. Will it actually make data easier to find, or harder?


4) Packaging of information. Will formerly scattered information now be in related packages? Or, will formerly related information now be scattered?


5) Speed of access. Will the new system be faster or slower?


6) Impediments. Will difficulty of access (such as permission, physical nearness) be increased or decreased?


7) Trust. Will the new system be more or less trusted? (Will it be necessary to double check in the future what a single check assured you of in the past?)





3.)   Why is it so difficult to determine whether IT has increased labor productivity?


There are many things that shall be taken to a consideration before we could say that IT increased labor productivity. The innovation of this new technology of course affects the workers who have not enough knowledge about it. Yes, it may increase the processing of transactions however, we should also take consideration the cost that the company will spent inorder to train their employees about the new system.

Case Study 7

1.)  Do you agree with NHTSA’s assessment that the problem with the Prius was not a safety critical issue? In such cases, who should decide whether a software bug creates a safety critical issue—the manufacturer, consumers, government agencies, or some other group?


Yes, the problem was not a safety critical issue; however these things should be take consideration upon the response of the costumer to the survey conducted by the Toyota. Also in such cases the manufacturer, the consumer, the programmer and other agencies should decide together with Toyota to ensure the safety of the said software.


2.)  How would the issue have been handled differently if it had been a safety-critical matter? Would it have been handled differently if the costs involved hadn’t been so great?


The issues will be handled differently if it is a safety-critical matter, it could have been that this software will be forfeited or the software will be developed into a better one.


3.)  As the amount of hardware and software embedded in the average car continues to grow, what steps can automakers take to minimize warranty claims and ensure customer safety?


In order to minimize on the warranty claim the manufacturer should make sure that the problem related to the hardware and software installed in there very is lessen.

Case Study 6

1.) According to Oracle, how was TomorrowNow violating intellectual property law?
TomorrowNow downloaded documents from the connection web site of Oracle in late 2006 and 2007 and also TomorrowNow downloaded a copyrighted document that contains software updates, patches, bug fixes and instructions for PeopleSoft and JD Edwards. Downloading such type of files violates the intellectual property law in terms of copyright and called copyright infringement.

2.) Why do you think Oracle sued SAP?
Oracle sued SAP because of the accusation that SAP violates the Federal Computer Fraud and Abuse act as well as California law through the actions of TomorrowNow. However, this is not the only reason it is also because oracle saw the moves of the SAP as a threat to their business.

3.) What do you think should be done, if anything, to open the maintenance contract market to third-party contractors?

Case Study 5

1.)  Do you think it is ethical to pursue a strategy to counter online criticism and defend your organization’s reputation? Why or why not?



Yes, in some way, pursuing to counter the online criticism on your organization or company is ethical because you just did it to maintain the reputation of the company, on the other hand this counter strategy like removing it from the site is unethical because it blocks the information in which the public should know, however it depends also on the credibility of the complaints/criticisms posted.


2.)  What steps do you think businesses should take when promoting their products and services online? What tactics, if any, should businesses avoid?



            I think when businesses promotes or advertise their product online they will only advertise in a website that is reliable and credible in doing so, if any tactics is used I think the business should avoid comparing their product and services with others but rather focus on their own products on how good it is or the like


3.)  How should IT professionals and others respond to people with hidden agendas who post negative comments about them on social media sites? What should online visitors do to detect misinformation posted in blogs?



            As IT professionals I think it is better to check the credibility of the posted statement and never comment or says anything, however as a professionals, the comments posted must be an encouragement to do better to improve the products or the services offered. As an online visitors also before we says anything or react to something we must check if it is real or just a misinformation or a work of a person who tries to destroy the company/organization.

Case Study 4

  1. 1.      What type of security breaches of medical records are common today?


  • Data Diddling

– It involves an outside party gaining access to a network and then changing data within it

  • Breach of password security

–       Another common breach in network security due to employee error occurs when an employee shares their password and login information with an outside source.

  • Data Destruction

–       This involves an outside party gaining unauthorized access to your network and then actively exploiting that access to delete information. It is essentially computer vandalism, and it is very easy to spot because important files will go missing and employees will complain they can no longer find critical information.

Reference: (


2. What measures are being taken by the government and private industry to safeguard



As a result of the review, the hospital developed a plan that included the implementation of procedures requiring laptops to be secured to the workstation where they are used, the training of individuals working with mobile hardware and electronic storage devices, and 24-hour surveillance systems. The hospital was to make sure employees did not have greater access to EHRs than their jobs required. In addition, the hospital instituted measures that assured that the IT department would be notified when system users were terminated so that they could no longer access the EHRs.( Ethics in Information Technology E-book: George Reynolds)


3. How do you think the implementation of ARRA will affect the privacy of our healthcare

and personal data? What breaches do you foresee? How can they be forestalled?


ARRA expands the privacy provisions under HIPAA. Specifically, it extends the Security Rule to business associates of healthcare institutions. In the past, security breaches have been committed not only by these institutions but also by outside contractors that they hire to achieve their IT objectives. ARRA also requires healthcare institutions to notify individuals who are affected by security breaches, provides for increased fines for noncompliance, and authorizes state attorneys general to prosecute institutions violating HIPAA regulations.

case 2

1. This incident illustrates some of the potential problems for small software developers working with giant software manufacturers to extend or enhance their products. Provide two good reasons why small developers should still consider working closely with large software firms.
For me there is still need for a small developer to consider working in a large software firm because:
a.) This will help them on some strategies so that they can improve their work
b.) Large developers are more experienced than small developers; also they have more client than the small developer by which the small developers might take the advantage of knowing some of their clients.

2. What measures could LimitNone have taken to better protect itself from Google’s alleged actions? What measures could Google have taken to protect itself from this lawsuit?
The best thing that LimitNone can do is to prove that they have nothing to do on whatever alleged the Google filed against them and in the side of Goggle they will stand on their statement and prove that the competing product is not like with the one from LimitNone maybe the idea but the software itself is different.

3. Do research on the Web to find out how this case is proceeding in the courts. Write a short summary of your findings.